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Word Bingo Caller

Version 1.0



Not a numbers game

Word Bingo Caller


Release date: January 1, 2021


Create your own Bingo cards with words or phrases vice numbers !

Add a ‘caller’ sound to your word called.

Quickly determine if a Bingo card is a winner.

Professional, Flexible, and Affordable.

Excellent educational tool.


Bingo Rose has proudly applied years of Bingo software design experience towards the introduction of the innovative Word Bingo Caller program, taking the fun of Bingo into the field of education.

Take your use of sight words to a new level of sophistication, with flexibility of use beyond the classroom environment.


       Version 1.0 released January 1, 2021


The Word Bingo Caller software offers these valuable features:

  • Optimized for 1366 X 768 screen resolution.
  • Access 2007 platform Runtime installs with software.
  • Easy access to user setup (Setup Switchboard).
  • Use as Bingo game or teaching tool.
  • Prominent user logo area makes the software look proprietary.
  • Uncluttered and visually appealing screen layout.
  • Adjustable font for text display on main screens (Font name / size, upper / lower case).
  • Text or picture display of word on main screen.
  • Teacher assist (phrase or instruction note) on main screen.
  • Main screen customizable display colours for added optimization.
  • Automatic or Timer operation modes.
  • 1000 Fry words pre-installed (each with sample phrase, sound file, and image file).
  • Create and import your own 100 custom words.
  • Create and import a separate 25 and/or 50 word list.
  • 1 ON or 2 ON Bingo card creation using 100 words per creation.
    (25 or 50 words per card with 25 or 50 word imported lists).
  • Adjustable font / font size for custom Bingo card look.
  • Logo or advertisement image space on Bingo cards.
  • Popup display of specified card for winner verification.
  • User customizable caller sound files (external to software).
  • User customizable word image files (external to software).
  • Show or hide miscellaneous screen elements.
  • Automatic game history reporting feature.
  • Flexibility to meet YOUR needs and creativity.
  • Bookworm and Oswald font installation packages (required within the software).


A couple of screenshots of the software are shown below. But be sure to read the full documentation for a more comprehensive overview of the software.

Word Bingo Caller documentation




A two day demo of the software can be downloaded for review. The main screen is partially obscured as are the Bingo cards. All other functionality remains. Following purchase, that installation is readily updated to remove the restrictions.

Note that this is a large file due to the fact the software contains a large amount of sound and picture files. Please be patient. Also a reminder that this is a two stage installation, our software, followed by an Access 2007 Runtime required to operate the software.

Also note that to achieve the correct look of the software, both the Oswald and Bookworm fonts must be installed on your computer. These font installation files are contained in the C:\Word Bingo Caller\Font folder after installation of our software.

To complete the installation, please extract the sound and picture files required for full functionality of the software.

The Setup Switchboard is where the software customization for your particular organization is accomplished. Double-click the Bingo Rose logo to access it.

The documentation for this program is installed in the C:\Word Bingo Caller\Help\Word Bingo Caller documentation V1.pdf file. We strongly recommend you at least read the section Software ‘Need to Know’ Functionality to understand the main operation of the software.

Word Bingo Caller demonstration





Word Bingo Caller main screen

       Word Bingo Caller main screen



One On Bingo card

       One On Bingo card




Two On Bingo card

       Two On Bingo card



Scroll Words main screen

       Scroll Words main screen


Setup Switchboard

       Setup Switchboard




BUY Word Bingo Caller ! $49.95 USD

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