Bingo Hall Plus, the flagship Bingo Rose product, is the cumulative result of years of effort to make our customers' BINGO software solution dreams a reality. (Version 3.3 released 7/6/22.)

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Bingo Hall Plus software documentation

Bingo Hall Plus software video presentation
The main features of the Bingo Hall Plus software (Version 3.2),
our flagship product, are outlined in this video.

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Sample Testimonial

Thought I'd share a picture [withheld] with you of our group of certificate winners during Turkey Bingo last night here at [Organization Name hidden], Montana. We gave away 30 turkeys, enough for each household participating, along with cookies and drinks. The Bingo Hall Plus program worked great. We "casted" it to our new 70" HDTV display in the Commons area. We liked confirming Bingos with the number printed on the cards. The Bingo caller voice was loud and clear, easy to understand. We played a few specialty games that were built in that kept things mixed up. Fun was had by all. Thanks Bingo Rose, your product is SUPERB.