Virtual Bingo is a game of Bingo that your patrons can enjoy playing remotely (socially distant). With uncertainty surrounding the safety of being in close proximity to fellow patrons during this pandemic, itís understandable that patrons want to have fun but in the safety and comfort of their own residences. This game is played online and all of your patrons can get involved.


A Virtual Bingo event is super easy to organize. Options to operate your Bingo event online include Zoom, YouTube, and Facebook. Unfortunately we are not in a position to offer support on how these tools are used. We are pleased, however, to see that our customers have started to take advantage of available technology to extend the benefits of our software. As use of these platforms expands, we will be monitoring how customers have creatively used our software so we can release features (some that have been designed and successfully tested more than two years ago) that will be of benefit to our broader customer base.


The Bingo Hall Plus software is an ideal tool to make your Bingo event professional. The software has different main screen display options so you can set up a look that appeals to your patrons. Miscellaneous portions of the main screen can be hidden or, using available software, portions of the screen can be selected for your own online presentation layout. You can create the necessary playing cards from the built-in 99,999 unique game cards; all you need to do is distribute the cards via email for your patrons to print. Using these cards, the winner verification utility enables quick display of the card identified as a potential winner to all patrons playing; no cheating! If local laws allow, you can use the power of Auto mode, random number generated calling; no need for extra equipment like ball cages. And to ensure that the number drawn is the number that gets called (and protecting the caller's voice), make sure the program's voice feature is activated (supplemental commentary would still be possible). Being operated remotely, the game history feature guarantees an accurate record of each game is recorded.


Rules for fair play should be established in advance. Things to consider include how to acquire playing cards, cutoff times, game start time, flow of patterns to be played, card colour and number range in play for that event, how to announce you have a Bingo, etc.


The Bingo Hall Plus software is a professional, affordable, comprehensive, flexible, and easy to use software tool to benefit any group of family or friends or large organization.


As always, feedback from customers is both encouraged and essential to further development of our software. It has allowed us to professionally grow from our humble local community roots to proudly claim that we have happy customers on six continents.


Virtual Bingo demonstration of a live

Facebook Event by one of our customers


Note that this short video has masked organization identifying markings. The Bingo Hall Plus main screen display used by this customers is also not the available main screen display that we would prefer to use.




Portion of the Bingo Hall Plus software main screen used by this customer (Note this was their initial virtual Bingo / use of our software):


Preferred portion of the Bingo Hall Plus software main screen that Bingo Rose would have used:


Other main screen options are available / possible.