FINS (Friends in Need Services) is pleased to offer this complimentary license to use the Car Race software created by Bingo Rose.


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Bingo Rose software

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Enjoy the thrill of NASCAR in your community.

This complimentary software can be customized for a proprietary look !

FINS was created because everyday, in our very own community, people need help.

The FINS organization was organized to be the place that people can come to when they need help such as medical bills, uninsured loss, or personal tragedy.

FINS also has a focus on bringing the joy of Christmas to those less fortunate families in the community.


Car Race main screen

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Documentation for the Car Race software can be reviewed at :

Car Race Documentation

Download the Car Race software by selecting the link below :

Car Race Download

View a Car Race video presentation by selecting the link below :

Car Race video presentation


FINS (Friends in Need Services) appreciates the support provided by
the following sponsors of the Car Race software :


Winners Circle Sports Bar

Lakeland, Florida


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